Brief Bio

Mark MooneyHi my name is Mark Mooney and for over a decade I have been involved in Internet Marketing. Over the years I have taught people both online and offline the skills they need to get the best out of their online content. The vast majority have been local business owners who simply wanted more control over how their presence was represented online, more importantly giving them back the ownership of this most valuable piece of intellectual property, their online identity.

In the earlier years most business owners simply did not have the time to learn these skills and outsourced the vast majority of their online marketing, however since the growing popularity and interest in Social Media they are now taking back this control and are using the Internet more directly to communicate with their customers. Although many of the skills you need to take back this control may still seem quite technical to some, they are all skills most people can learn quite quickly if they are given good tuition.

Most of what you need to know is already well documented online, and since the creation of YouTube there are literally millions of hours of “how to videos” already out there on every possible subject know to man and woman. Unfortunately many of which can quite easily be outdated.

The problem and common question this raises for most is “where the hell do I start?” Over the years I too have also produced many training videos that were quickly outdated for one reason or the other. Unfortunately this means that you may well be watching videos that are teaching old outdated methods.¬† I am sure you will agree that things move on very quickly these days and keeping up to date is key to any online success.

Therefore the simple answer to good tuition is “blended learning”, teaching which combines and aligns learning undertaken in face-to-face sessions with learning opportunities created online.¬† That’s why I have returned my main focus to teaching people in the classroom and now focus all my efforts to teaching groups and individuals¬† face to face and in real time, rather than just producing online content that quickly goes out of date.

Understandably there are a number of learning styles we still need to take into account when teaching. Some people are quite happy just to watch videos, others require a more direct approach with hands on experience, the classroom offers more opportunities to combine the three major learning styles of Auditory Learners, Visual Learners, and Kinesthetic Learners. I may still add some guides and video tutorials to this website, to showcase some of my knowledge, which you may find useful, but you cant beat real time good old fashioned face to face tuition.

However the main focus for this website is to promote my freelance services and the courses I run locally in and around the Greater Manchester area. To find out more about these courses call Mark on 07707 225 450