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What is the Affiliate Masterclass?

I created the Affiliate Masterclass to give students a well rounded knowledge of all the skills you need to become a Super Affiliate. Making money online is a phrase many people search for and unfortunately often find themselves falling victim to the scams and get rich quick schemes blighting the world of Internet Marketing. The aim of the Affiliate Masterclass is ensure that the students I teach fully understand what it means to be an affiliate, while at the same time teach them the skills they need to succeed in what can be a profitable way to make a living online or give you an additional income that grows over time.

[box type=”info”] The Affiliate Masterclass is aimed at those individuals who already have a basic knowledge of Affiliate Marketing, and can set up at least a WordPress website. This masterclass goes beyond the basics and looks at datafeeds, plus the advantages of using your own shopping cart websites. [/box]

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Understandably some of you may be new to the whole  concept of Affiliate Marketing and making money online and perhaps would like to find out a little more.  In it’s basic form Affiliate Marketing is based on promoting products that you don’t actually own, rewards/commission is paid to affiliates based on performance, i.e. sending qualified leads or targeted traffic to the merchants website. If this results in that visitor making a purchase, the affiliate is duly paid a commission. Some programs will reward you for simply sending the traffic, commonly know as CLICKTHROUGH. One of the most popular programs for this method of generating income is Google Adsense.

Google AdSense

One of the simplest ways to make money online is through the Google AdSense program. When it was first launched in 2004 many people unfortunately misused the program which resulted in far too many people creating poor quality websites just to publish ads on them, with no real thought for content. They made money for a while, which also meant that e-books where created in their millions promoting how to tap into the lucrative market. Google eventually got wise to this and downgraded or banned these websites. Therefore to make money with Google AdSense in today’s Internet Marketplace, is to ensure you follow the rules and produce quality content and not just some slap dash website no one wants to see. As part of the Affiliate Masterclass we look at these best practices, to show you that money can still be made with Google AdSense. Google also has it’s own Affiliate Network.

Affiliate Networks

There are many Affiliate Networks and the list is growing, as more and more businesses start to see the advantages of incorporating affiliate marketing to their own marketing mix. In outline the Affiliate Networks serve as an intermediary between the Affiliate who is often know as the publisher and the Merchants who are know as the advertisers. Basically the Merchants/Advertiser pay the Networks and the Networks pay the Affiliates/Publishers.

The Networks supply all the links, graphics, datafeeds and  monitor/record all the traffic and the subsequent sales it generates, these are just some of the popular Networks operating in today’s marketplace.

My personal recommendations:

Recommended Affiliate Networks

What about the mighty Amazon?

The Amazon Associates Program is a whole new ball game, understandably one of the biggest stores online, and one that falls into it’s own category when teaching affiliate marketing. As part of the Affiliate Masterclass special attention is given to how we best use this and take part in the program.


If you are still not having much success making money online and you want to find out where you may be going wrong, and wish to learn new skills then why not join me on the next available Masterclass. I run these courses locally in the Greater Manchester area, for full details of the next courses starting in September 2013 call me on 07707 225 450